I’ve gotten a few cool answers from people to my question about what makes the Zelda series special to them »here« (Would love more!)

I probably should give my answer too since I’m working on this short film.

Working in game development, I can typically see right through the way a game works. Games have lost a little magic because I can see behind the curtain. I’m drawn to the Zelda series because they maintain their magic. I can still see how things function, but it’s constructed in such a charming and mysterious way that it always feels like there’s more - there’s something left to discover. 

And the rest. The music is beautiful and moving, especially all of the fully orchestrated stuff. The convincing atmosphere and story of these three intertwined souls destined to be reincarnated as different people who must fulfill their role.

It’s fascinating and beautiful and reminds me why I’m in game development in the first place.

blackdoveproductions replied to: “Just fartin’ around with the facial rig again”

You create the rig yourself?

Yep, finally nearing completion. If you’re into this stuff too, I’m working in Maya, so the face is done with a combination of blendshapes, a joint-based jaw set up, and sets of clusters for detail controls.

The body is being done with The Setup Machine to assist with creating the proper controls, but sadly it doesn’t place joints or paint weights for you, so I’m still doing that part too. Nearly done!

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been up to! I’ve got a ways to go on this short film, but I’ll keep posting updates as I go.

First, there’s some storyboard stuff. I’m nearly done storyboarding, just a little more. Then I’ll be making an animatic and a rad guy named Michael Ostil will be helping me out with composing some music! His channel is: >here<

Second, I didn’t like how low-res and disorganized Link’s model was. I completely rigged him once and it looked alright, but just wasn’t up to the quality I wanted. So I re-modeled him (see the difference in that second gif) and will be making his rig again.

I also gave him a mouth! A real one! Before, he just had a texture across his face that would pop into a smile, frown etc. like in Wind Waker. I wanted more subtlety, so I’ve been creating a whole new facial rig (all of those creepy floating heads). There’s a peak at how that works in the first gif. 

So now that I’ve gotten some good progress on all of that, I’ll be making some new gifs/previews in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!